No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

When I first started working for my company some nine years ago now, they had Leave Without Pay (LWOP), Unscheduled Necessary Time Off (UNTO), move leave, and Manager Approved Time Off (MATO), and Paid Time Off (PTO). All but move leave and MATO could be accrued with tenure.

Then they were bought out. Our job stayed the same, policies stayed the same, just the company name and logo changed. No biggie. Then the project I worked for was bought out by another company that said, no more work from home. Okay, they showed just an ounce of loyalty by moving many of us to other projects within the company. With seven and a half years invested already, I said yes.

Fast forward. I’ve now been with the company a couple weeks shy of nine years. I’m being forced to move because my house is literally falling apart and can’t be fixed while we’re living in it. We are moving two states away because our family needs help after a recent death. I chose to stay loyal to the company and take this job with me. Nine years and I have never asked for time off that wasn’t covered under FML, PTO, or other approved resources. I’ve never even had a real vacation (you know, the kind that lasts more than three days off). Nine years I have done everything they’ve ever asked of me; cross training, supervisor positions, advanced support positions, new hire interviews, and so much more. Never once have I balked at additional work with no pay increase.

Nine years, and I’m told there is no LWOP, UNTO, move leave, MATO, or anything else I can have to take one week off work to get settled in and make sure my internet is stable so I don’t lose my job. Nine years, and I’m told that my reliability is so good I can just call out for that week and then get put on a disciplinary action that will roll off in thirty days, but will forever remain a part of my permanent record. Nine years of my life. Nine years of hellish call center work. Nine years of dedication.

Suddenly they’re throwing at me gift cards, $100’s in rewards points, and shout outs, and I’m still totally screwed for attendance when I need to move. I wonder if they’re just being helpful by giving me more money now so they won’t feel so guilty when they fire me for poor attendance later.

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