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Woke up today several weeks after handing in my notice and I had a feeling I’ve not had in a long while. I was happy! Fuck me! What is going on?

I went back to the workplace today to tie up a few loose ends and yep the fuckcunt of my manager was there. It took me 6 weeks off from work just to realize just how much negative energy I had for the place.

Talking to some of my former colleagues, they were telling me because no-one worked New Year’s Day (no one had to) that they were all given informal warnings. I mean just what the blue fucking cunting hell is wrong with upper management in that place!? Also they are getting their 16th manager in 11 years soon. Made me realize I made the right choice by getting out.

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  1. So I just smoked some herb, and I’m reading this, and I’m saying it to myself with what I imagine would be your English accent. I’m making myself laugh. Anyway, you should smoke some too. You’ll feel better.

    A fan in Chicago

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