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I love my job sometimes. I go to work because it’s about taking care of the people. What I don’t like is the people I work with. I have said many times that I have went to school for nursing and all I have to do is write my exam come end of May. I am a Personal Support Worker (PSW) for a small local nursing home and for only a short while and I have done the work last summer. Yes I am working at a different facility but that doesn’t mean I change my views on taking care of the people and ensuring that I’m trying to the best of my ability.

So you should probably know the dilemmas that are happening at my work right now. I am among the new PSWs that got hired and I finished my orientation middle of April and recently got hired on night shifts. We are always short on days so I try and get as many people done in the morning. Some mornings I can only get one or two. Sometimes none because it’s been a busy night shift and call bells ring galore or other problems. So the PSWs that come in for 6am are all about us getting two people done and I just hate that. Why don’t you do a night shift changing briefs and other unfun things and answering call bells all night let alone not seeing your family for only a couple hours everyday?

I recently got a call from my supervisors how I am taking to the new job and such. I said I am loving it and getting used to night shift routine as that is what I am working right now. They said that from other staff that I need to take more initiative so I’m sitting here like… Well I’ll take that into consideration. They weren’t very specific but I think people are mad that the “new PSW” can’t get enough people washed at 5am in the morning. For one I believe if they are not up or if I’m just too busy all night I ain’t feeling sorry for myself or my job that people who come in can’t do their job as well. You chose to work that morning now do your job.

Anyway I figure some of you in health care would understand what it’s like to be in that kind of drama and expect those crappy days. I just need some advice for an up and coming health care worker. I’ve started out as a student and am now a PSW. Soon to be a nurse. Any advice for how I can deal with drama and being more confident in myself? I’m not saying that my supervisors are wrong. Maybe I need to bring more initiative

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. I’ve always been the one to follow the crowd. Now I can spread my wings. But with the drama and bullshit of it all. What advice so I don’t have to come home and rant to my boyfriend?

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