Money money money

Warning: This is going to be riddled with cuss words. I would love to know how the fuck a lazy piece of shit that’s on Facebook all fuckin day and YouTube all fucking day feels she deserves a raise before me. This stupid person is talking to me about someone else in another department getting a raise and how she thinks it’s crazy that they would get paid that much for doing the job. She says I manage a million dollar a year business and I don’t get paid that much. For one fucking thing, you don’t manage shit. You’re paid to be a fuckin manager. What you actually do and what you get paid for are two completely different things.

Anyway, in the middle of this I explain I’ve been at my job for over 11 years now and I’m still one of the worst paid so I’d like a raise too (by far not expecting one, just talking as she is) and this ignorant bitch that pawns MOST of her fucking job off on me has the NERVE to tell me, “Well, no, we got you a raise.” Girl, don’t ever let The Purge become legal. I got a raise over 5 years ago and I get paid 25k to do my job AND her job. She gets paid 44k to do nothing. I swear, I can’t stand this worthless bitch. As I’m typing this on my first break of the day, she’s currently watching videos on Facebook and she’s taken two smoke breaks already and gets here an hour and a half later than me. Fuck you, you worthless fucking c**t.

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