Manager who cannot manage!

The real shame is the organisation could be so great – so many great people and a great ethos. Apart from the manager. He brings the place down. He makes it a tense and unhappy place to work. He handles everything poorly and staff are desperate to leave. He constantly complains that he has too much work to do, too much on his plate, wants other people to take more responsibility and make decisions.

But can’t actually let go of anything. Asks people to take initiative and make decisions – but then loses his temper and shouts at people when they make a decision he doesn’t like. That’s not being a good manager, that is being a terrible control freak. Moans about too much to do, yet his calendar is mostly blank. Moans about people not accounting for every minute of their working day, but then disappears for hours at a time without trace.

An awful, awful manager, who is really driving his organisation into the ground and staff morale is rock bottom because of it.

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