Management is shit

Hey V and P – you are two of the most worthless pieces of shit I have ever encountered in my career. You are a couple of lying sacks of shit that throw people under the bus to cover your own incompetent asses and save yourselves from the fate you deserve. I saw that V left the company last year – good FUCKING riddance you miserable C**T. The both of you don’t ever listen to reason and the warnings that you were given that the project was going to fail. You think calling up scrum masters on their PERSONAL phone and SCREAMING at them for an hour is leadership? If you or any other of the worthless ‘leaders’ knew a goddamn thing about the cloud, you would have realized that this project would have taken much more than the time you promised it to ‘the business’.

Speaking of ‘the business’, how is B? She is equally as useless and as dumb as a box of rocks, but yet, you played politics with her to try to have a big score all to yourselves. Nice job, morons.

You pushed the team ridiculously hard and failed to give most of the overtime to the contractors. Then when things went south, you lied your asses off to try to save your worthless necks

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. I see P was recently promoted to director. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE. How many people did you dispose of to make the bottom line look good for the higher-ups? I wish both of you shitbags nothing but pain and misery for the rest of your lives.

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