Make up your mind

I really can’t stand working for someone that uses gas lighting as a management tool. She’s great at the actual work, but she’s the fucking worst person to manage people. I can’t stand it. In a meeting with a group, she sets out clear directives of what she wants us to do and that’s great. When she’s one on one, she communicates a directive like a suggestion. I think she thinks that’s a polite way of telling someone to do something, but it’s the fucking worst. You don’t know she actually wants you to do whatever, it just looks like she’s offering perspective. Then she goes off on a rant that lasts way too long and is way too dramatic on how no one listens to her. No, you moron; you speak in this passive bullshitty way that partly involves us having to read your mind. It’s a complete mind fuck just because she’s insecure. I’m sick of dealing with negative bullshit for her insecurities. Be strong, be firm, and be direct. She’s the fucking manager. If she wants us to do something, we will do it. There has never been something that’s put out there that’s been unreasonable, so there’s no reason to act like people are just going to revolt when you speak to them one on one. Her communication skills fucking suck.

Today’s mind fuck involves our defense firms. I was told, right off the bat, that everything we do with them costs us money because they’re not being paid a flat fee like our other firms. Breathe in their direction = costs company money. This involves trying to solve problems and get the responses to my questions internally before I reach out to them; at the very least, gather the most information before reaching out. If anything else, this tactic stops us from looking like assholes to law firms I would much rather work for. So here’s my manager, fucking lecturing me via email because I’m reaching out to her first before reaching out to them. I’m sorry, does asking you a question cost the company money? Fucking no. You’re not the last resort, they are. You made this perfectly fucking clear. Now you’re acting like a bitch because you don’t actually want to look into anything. If she would have just looped me into the different processes months ago, I wouldn’t have to ask her shit and I would be able to do whatever myself. But no, she has be in control of all of this shit. Making sure I’m looped in on everything ensures that whatever needs to be filed and any background work is done. Everything gets notated and is clear. I don’t know what fell off your radar and you decided not to save. “You don’t have worry about it.” Sure, until managing attorneys and our external firms are asking me for things I don’t even know about and they’re concerned as to why I don’t know about it.

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