Lol ok bye c***

So boss keeps complaining about every little error that me and my coworkers commit, even the tiniest ones. Do you think that complaining about these errors to incite embarrassment helps us at all? To me I’m not seeing the shits I give for what it’s worth, but if it’s for your ego it sounds like you need to get remarried with a different strain of shit, you little slag. Probably lose the little hairs too. There’s more I know that you don’t know, so don’t come off like a big pretentious all-mighty sack head. Keep working for a company then I’ll be convinced that you make a perfect twat to ‘fit in’ with people. Also, keep talking publicly about your problems like a fucking child and you won’t have a job anymore, not that The Great Bottlelegs seems to take to heart. Get the hell out of here.

Have a nice day, asswipe.

Oh, and welcome to the club.

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  1. I understand your frustration with your boss pointing out every single little fucking mistake. Didn’t cross that “T”, didn’t dot that “i”, didn’t make it exactly perfect…..I get it. Got one just like it. At first I just thought he was a sorry ass son of a bitch that wanted to get rid of me or embarrass me and you know, I can be a total queen bee bitch, and I hated the bastard for criticizing every fucking thing I did. But you know what?????????? It some how made me a better assistant. It took a few years of head bashing, and I was a fucking miserable ass that hated her job, the people she worked with but I couldn’t find anything to replace what I had so I stuck it out. Then I found myself checking and rechecking my work before I turned it in or turned it out. I was my own hardest critic because I didn’t want that sorry ass low down son of a bitch calling me out. Once he realized that he didn’t have to check and criticize every fucking thing I did, he began to trust me and I trusted myself. Now my work is 100% better and I have a sorry ass son of a bitch to thank for it. I know bosses can be douche bags I know they can be fuckers and a pain in the ass, but take it for what it is and make yourself better, not because of the fucker, but in spite of him.
    Good luck. Go find your happy place and figure it out..

  2. Thanks. Thing is I havent really gotten a raise to actually reflect the effort put into the work I do. Not like I’ll ever expect to get a raise, from minimum wage it’s safe to say I won’t have this job for too much longer if this continues. I busted my ass as if I was paid twice per hour but I realized that the only thing that wasting more of my energy did was to get a compliment. I’d rather see how much effort I have to put in reflect in how able I can pay bills. Getting another job seems harder these days, but still trying.
    At the same rate the cuck seems to have been called out by HR because have been reported by people who quit, probably, or anonymously. Happens very sparingly in other jobs, without repercussion.
    I’m content with doing the job, but if I am paid accordingly, I will perform accordingly…squeeze the juices then they can find someone else. This is far too long.

  3. So shut up and do the work, get the experience and make the fucker see you for who you are ; “A FUCKING GREAT EMPLOYEE!” So when you quit because you found another job, a better job, a job you can handle because you put up with shit and came out the other side smelling like a rose bud you can say, “I did it you fucker, not because of you, but in spite of you. Fuck off!” And go and make the world a better place with more money. Besides, all this experience with a bad boss is just helping you to know what to do when you become the boss. Go work, be well and find some joy damn it! :0)

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