Little things adding up

A few weeks ago when I opened salsa, I made a few mistakes and it pissed off my assistant manager. Two weeks ago I had to call off (my first call off) due to my husband and I going in at the same time for work. We could not find anyone to watch our son, so I called off. (My first call off mind you). This didn’t sit well for her. She wanted to know if my trying to have shifts covered weekly (only had been the previous week and that current week) would be consistent and wanted me to change my availability. I didn’t know what to change it to. I told her we are looking for babysitters we can afford to set our son up with (and found one).

On Monday I was asked to come in to cover someone. I found out I had to complete their unfinished tasks, which I was an hour over in and that got me in trouble. I didn’t finish stickers because my marker wouldn’t work. That got me in trouble. During a rush she came out from the back to help us on the line. I was switching out deep pans and came in on her left saying “watch out” she immediately said “an excuse me would be better to say”…we’ve all only said either “watch out” OR “on your left or right”.

Near my end of shift she sat me down and wanted to know what was up with me that day. Apparently I was supposed to be off and all day I was unprofessional, plus rude. That I needed to keep work life and home life separate, to come in and smile, to do my job for the day and forget about whatever was going on outside work.

She continues on wanting me to change my availability. I asked if giving her my husband’s schedule would help. She said yes. Then got mad his wasn’t very far ahead into the week or two. Retail places don’t always have weeks in advance, a lot only go week to week. Then when making next week’s schedule, I saw the rough draft and it showed I worked a few days all short shift. She got mad because the two days were going to have conflicted schedules and she didn’t know what to do. I told her we had things worked out so it wouldn’t be a problem. She sent it out a day later and I see she took a few days off, so I only work 8 hours next week. I can’t survive on 8 hours a week! I went to my GM and so far she agrees with her assistant. Because of that one call off, I’m no longer reliable because they have a business to run and need reliable people.

Seriously?? I watch the same people call off each week and ask for coverage all the time. I asked twice and took one call in day. So now I have no idea what to do next or who to talk to about it. None of the other locations have available positions at theirs or even shifts for me to pick up so far.

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