Literal criminals took over and kicked me out

The company I worked for had a really awful boss to begin with. This person had no idea how to run the company as he/she (keeping it anon) was sleeping with the owner whilst he/she was still married. Fast forward the owner dies and leaves the company to the other man/woman not the family. This x-secretary spent the nexr 10 years running the company in2 the ground.

So the company and all employees gets sold to literal criminals that had previously been to court for fraud. The case was dropped. Half of employees were retrenched – and against the law – replaced.

Retrenching and then employing replacements is against the law. But naturally they have money amd who cares. Now they ignore my request for IRP 5 documents as well as my employment certificate. I call – they end the call.

I am struggling to find work without those documents. I worked there for 10 years. I hope they all become so poor that they end up on the streets where they belong. That whole family. They destroyed the lives of more than 50 other people.

They have made me too tired to carry on anymore. Why are there so many horrors in this world?

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