Lazy manager given £10K payrise

So I’ve just discovered my manager got a £10K payrise recently whilst my pay has remained the same even though I’m not just doing the roles I was given at the beginning of my job. I’ve previously posted on here before about how my disgusting boss is lazy, she leaves early and wastes so much time when she could be doing actual work. She was recently criticised for not producing enough work and money for the company and yet they reward her with a £10K payrise. Are you F**KING kidding me?!!

Last year I was given 0.5% increase in my salary. This year, I’m getting the exact same. That is maybe £100 increase annually. So after tax, I’m looking at what, maybe £5 more a month. Wow. Yet I’ve worked out that after tax, she takes home over £3k a month. Unbelievable. She is beyond useless and its frustrating as I can’t highlight mistakes she makes as she hates to admit she has made any. She is obnoxious and stuck up her own ass, really thinks she’s Queen B of the company when in actual fact no on even knows who the hell she is in our other branches.

I feel like banging my bloody head against a wall at how useless she is. I’m running around like crazy doing her tasks that she just passes onto that she could easily do herself whilst also being expecting to finish my own tasks for that day.

She takes way too much holiday as well and I’ve finally worked out why she has so much, she doesn’t actually ask and get approval from our senior boss for half days off, she just leaves and doesn’t notify anyone and expects me to keep quite. Well, I’m not anymore. My family keep telling me to just report her but the problem is I know she will find out and then she will make my life hell in this office. I have an interview soon and I’m hoping it goes well. Even if I end up losing money a year starting a new job I would much rather work in a team of people who care and don’t treat their job as a place to do what the hell they want.

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