Lazy lying person

Having to manage a lazy psycho liar who loves to play the victim:

1. I can’t work these hours (stupidly I agree to change their hours even though it messes up the whole working schedule)

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. I can’t get to work on time (I allow flexible start time – but that will necessarily change the finish time)
3. I don’t know how the signing in and out sheet works (when challenged for seemingly disappearing at the end of the day at an unspecified time)
4. I made a mistake (after submitting inflated figures on work)
5. I got confused (after inflating qualifications on CV)

6. I was mixed up (after ‘mis-writing’ membership of a professional organisation).
7. I went to the toilet (after be caught having left 15 minutes early)
8. I have dyslexia or dyspraxia (after being issued a warning)
9. I was assessed for learning needs over 20 years ago so don’t have a written report
10. I don’t want to make up the extra hours I accidentally took as leave or have to pay it back.

Fucking nightmare. But cleverly plays the victim to colleagues and stirs up shit with other team members. Comes in coughing loudly and with exaggeration before going off sick. 3.5 weeks sick a year as standard. ‘I am tired and run down so get sick a lot’ (works for us 10.5 hours a week)

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