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I have been over this shit job at this shit company for the last year. Lemme let you in on a secret fuck heads… I was about to put in my 2 weeks when you announced layoffs. I giggled inside as that is the greatest morale boost in my last 3 years being treated like a total moron when it is your dumb asses who don’t get how marketing to a consumer works. My only goal is to not get fired for 3 weeks so I can collect a sweet severance check and proceed to take a higher position with better pay and benefits at your competitor. I know you said we aren’t allowed(lol), but you were too retarded to have us sign non-competes. Ahaaha. I can’t wait to watch your brand crash and burn as I tap dance on the graves of your pathetic LinkedIn profiles and sorry resumes.

To the loser store managers I have been dealing with, eat a dick

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. My education and experience is now paying off while you are at your peak, I’m over here just getting started. Hope you liked your sales boost while I was in your stores, you can kiss it goodbye. Enjoy my rants on Yelp and Google about the shit you talked about good people behind their backs. Lmao!

I have always been better than you. Now my salary proves it. Ahahahaaha.

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