Keeping to myself

I work hard as a nurse aid for a couple of hospitals. One hospital in particular is a job that I’m ready to quit. It’s bad quality compared to other hospitals. I work on a very busy floor. Needy and dependent patients keep me busy. It’s even worse cause the nurses only want to be drug pushers. Or gossip at the nurses’ station. They’ll gossip while I’m trying to move a 300lb bedbound patient by myself. They SUCK. Seriously, I wouldn’t trust them to take care of my family. They’ll let a patient sit in urine/stool, go hungry, be neglected….because they think that’s just a nurse aid’s job.

On top of that, this hospital pays the least. I got a 19cent raise. I felt so valued…..I can barley hide my contempt for them. I only talk to them when necessary for work. I never talk personal stuff with them and decline talking during my 30min (out of 12 hours) lunch break. Who’d wanna be friends with jerks like these nurses? Okay, I’m done ranting. I’ll put my fake smile back on.

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