Just fuck off

Ok. You are very clever. You help everyone by giving them your sage advice, backed up by your own, very profound experiences. You know far better than anyone else how to do everything. No one else has a clue, and they should definitely listen to you, and only you. The fact everyone else is shit and you are the only capable one suggests you are perhaps a prophet!

All that being true, tea towels and washing up are not important. They are not part of your job. I don’t use them and don’t care about them. So I won’t acknowledge that you take them home to wash. You won’t get a prize for that either.

You will get a prize for every full hour you manage to work without talking shit about everyone else. So far, in a good few years, you earned 0 prizes. Why not give yourself a challenge? Prove you really are superior by pulling your finger out of your arse and doing something of worth and value to others; forget about your own brilliance for just a little while, it will still be there when you need it.

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