It’s almost time

There is a fat fuck that has been here for 10+ yrs since high school. He started as an intern and since his daddy knows clients guess who got a position with no degree, which IS required.

This fat, caveman looking motherfucker doesn’t do SHIT!!!! I even called my boss out on it. He gave me some run around bullshit. My mind is made up that the fat fuck is slow.

Nepotism is the ONLY reason this worthless shit rag is waddling around here. Fake ass laugh, stupid ass anime music for hours on end.

I can’t WAIT for the clients from Japan to come back this Summer. They HATE this fucker as much as I do. We will be doing everything in our power to avoid you and exclude you. .

You don’t deserve the fruits of MY labor you fat fuck. Enjoy looking like a total retard in front of the CEO in July.

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