It’s a trap!

If I could have one do-over, I would not have applied for Food Avenue at my local Target. For one, it’s a thankless job. Everyone looks down on you – all your superiors, your coworkers, and the “guests”. I hate working there, it has gotten in my way of enjoying life. I am sick and tired of having to serve assholes subpar food that they’re just going to bitch about. Seriously… why do people go there if they just have negative things to say about the food? Also, we are short-staffed, thus making it damn near impossible for me to switch departments

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. I work in the most neglected area of Target! And my supervisors could care less. I always have to make up some lame excuse when my co-workers ask me if I can come in and cover for them, because though I know they are also suffering, I barely have the willpower to work my own scheduled shifts. Working in retail of any kind is miserable for me!!

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