“It doesn’t make sense to pay you!”

This is the most fucked-up, unethical company I’ve come across in my career. There are several things to it.

First, the company wanted a slave, not an employee. For several months of working, I didn’t get paid for work I did. When I asked my manager to get paid for work, I was told: “It doesn’t make sense to pay you.”

When I finally got paid, it was the manager’s personal check, not the company check.

There was no employment contract. No payroll statement attached. No FICA taxes withholding.

I didn’t get paid for company training hours. (For USA workers, your company should pay you for training hours.)

Fucked-up Korean style hierarchy. Was discriminated for being unable to speak Korean well. My boss attacked me for taking notes and asking questions, attacked me for calling them by their first name, and said that I should call them by Director whatever or Manager whatever.

The most insulting one was my boss attacked me for being TOO AMERICAN! He said the company’s Korean agents complained about me for being an American.

By the way this is one of the most American companies ever. Top leadership team is full of Caucasian Americans, with a minor dose of Asians. And the office I worked for happened to be a regional office based in Koreatown.

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