Is it ever good enough or do you just get sadistic pleasure out of riding us?

We unload freight non-stop, busting our asses and we unload that shit at standard (1000 packages per hour). God forbid if we slow down to take a breath. God forbid if we don’t micromanage and bully the slower employees; because we are better than that. God forbid we give ourselves a little time, heaving a one-hundred and twenty pound piece of metal onto an outside set of rollers. God forbid we have to stop and re-tape some package, because someone did a shitty job packaging it; because some other asshole was rushing that person at another job. God forbid some asshole’s trailer-hitch is late or some bimbo’s Forever 21 crap isn’t on the conveyor belt at the speed of light. God forbid we are a little fatigued and moving a little slow by the end of the fucking week.

We do work hard, you fucking douchebags! I have lost thirty pounds working in your goddamn shit pile. There are days I move a little slow. I am not socializing and chatting it up. I am busting my ass doing this thankless labor. The very fucking reason I am there! We sweat and sometimes bleed for your precious crap. We show up and take your shit! At the end of it, you all still want us to double shifts or move to full-time? Are you high or being the delusional cunts that you are?

To the cunts that micromanage and bully slower workers. You think they are lazy pieces of shit and you are just the fucking employee of the month, right? What makes you so fucking great? You are not even management so why do you care if someone isn’t moving as fast as you? What are you an ex marine or navy seal? We are just weak specimens aren’t we? You are just in peak physical condition, huh? Suck a dick. Why don’t you worry about your own fucking job? Leave your opinions wherever the fuck.

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