Inferior Superior (Idiot Boss)

This idiot is a coward and can’t ever take leadership. Constantly has to be reminded about things she has been told about. Tries the bullshit, “Oh this is the first I’m hearing about it” as you’re looking directly at the e-mail you sent her telling her about whatever. Oh, it’s also pretty weird, that practically every fuckin’ Monday, she has a “stomach bug” or is sick or whatever. Damn idiot, does she eat raw fuckin’ chicken every Sunday? Don’t think so, chances are she’s full of shit and likes a 3 day weekend.

Also being “in the field” all the time, yet no new business comes in? Even if you aren’t dickin’ around (which you totally are, you’ve unknowingly told on yourself before), then corporate needs to let you go, because with the amount of time you spend in the field, yet no new business comes in…you obviously suck.┬áBut who knows if you actually suck; because Vegas odds would put your ass shopping or at the house.

This Moron actually tried telling me that the company couldn’t give me too big a raise because then I would hit the ceiling for my paygrade and wouldn’t be able to get a raise within the next year or two. Fuckin’ nerve – let me worry about my money, you worry about yours. By the way, I’d rather make more money starting now, then gradually make more over the years, it’s called math stupid.

Speaking of math you goddamn coward, every time you let a client squirm out of their signed contracts and pay us less for a temp they want to hire permanently, it literally takes money out of my pocket. This titan of industry actually let a client talk her down from a $6,500 fee (of which I’d have gotten 20%) down to a measly $1K (of which I got 10%). Gee thanks a lot. Grow a fuckin’ pair and make the client stick to the contract. I’m so sick of making this dumbass look good for the rest of the dumbass middle/upper managers in this dumbass company.

I am not a sexist, but I gotta say – this lady, boss-o-mine is so much a stereotype it is unreal: wears emotions on her sleeve, let’s everyone know when it is that time of the month (yea, fuckin’ period that’s right), bitches about not being able to lose weight but constantly snacks at her desk all day (the one day a week she manages to put in anything close to resembling an actual work day, which for her is about 5 hours), and then pesters you if you’re not all loopy-doopy happy every time she sees you. Fuck off.

By the way, fuck your 5 year old niece, OK? I truly do not give 2 shits about your niece, especially when you spend a half hour talking to her on speaker phone or Skype in your goddamn office with the motherfuckin’ door open and then wanna tell me what “cute” thing your niece said, and then…AND THEN bitch about other people (clients, associates, whoever) not being professional and courteous. Additionally, I’m 28 with no kids – I do not give a shit about what some 5 year old said.

I just hope I’m gone before you manage to run this office to the ground…because then I’ll have to clean it up. Quit forwarding me e-mails too: this bitch actually forwards me e-mails from corporate asking me the answer to a corporate question or how to interpret a report or whatever – and when I do it, she clicks “Reply All” and literally copies and pastes what I said while totally leaving my name or any credit off of it. If this weren’t such a dipshit company that rewards no talent, fly-under-the-radar halfwits like her with continuous employment, this “Branch Manager” would be on her ass! AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

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