You are something really special. Once in a lifetime, we might expect to meet someone like you. It’s very rare to find a classic grandiose narc with exactly zero self-awareness. It’s almost fun, like when you learn to identify a thing from observing its looks and behaviours. You are the real deal, paint by numbers, classic version. No more and no less! Your job is to ensure the flow of work for others, and yet you can’t do this. Instead you have managed to turn things on their head, and you are definitely the tail that wags the dog!

You pout, sulk, bully and cry, expecting everyone else to feed you. You sit like a huge boulder in front of the entrance to every other part of the organisation. Immovable, inconvenient and preventing any possible moves forward.

You move only if cajoled gently, like a stubborn mule, tickled under the chin, coaxed with a cream bun.

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