Incompetence and Uncompensation

My manager is fucking a woman, who he made the ‘assistant manager’. She’s useless. Refuses to work with food, in the slightest. I haven’t seen her much the past two weeks (smallest of hoorays) and I tell you why! I work for $7.25. I do all the bullshit she should do at $9. The shit that would get this place shut down by the health inspector. I’m talking moldy line, bacteria ridden sauces, it’s a horror show if I stop doing what I am (cleaning and being meticulous), but if I don’t, I’m endangering the public because everyone else refuses to do it. I let it go for two weeks once. BLUE MOLD IN THE SAUCE. What?! My manager could have gave a flying fuck when I showed him.

Now today, I get in and there’s a small list of shit to do. ‘Wipe down plates’. An action that takes ALL OF TWO MINUTES is delegated to me, the day after the restaurant has been half ass closed down. The soups remained in the warmer all night, burning. The sauces are empty. Let me tell you about the bathroom. These people I work with are either the most oblivious, or don’t care that they piss all over the toilet seat and leave pubes all over it, too. The bathroom that the public uses! Nobody else cleans it

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. Ever. I let it go once, same time mentioned above, and it was disgusting. My manager tells me ’employees X and Y could snap up your hours, they want them.’ What?! Yeah, let them have them. Watch this shit show of ungratefulness and belligerence sink.

The other day, it was dangerously hot. Like, you could pass out from heat stroke hot. Manager’s response? ‘I’ve worked in hotter.’ Mind you, the investors REFUSE to fix the air conditioning. They won’t even send someone to come and look at it. Unappreciative. I want this place to burn down.

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  1. Hey, believe me, I have worked at those places before. They don’t do the extra mile because you do. They know you will do it. I worked at Rally’s a few years ago. I will never eat there again. Flies all over the food, workers wiping sweat off their faces, not using gloves…very nasty. Start documenting everything! Record everything! Documentation will be on your side. I know you are stuck as there are no jobs out there. I am so sorry about your situation. Please know that there are people out there that can identify with you. I hope the best for you, Rebecca

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