Incompetent motherfuckers

Holy shit, I have been so sick of my work lately. There isn’t one FUCKING free day when someone doesn’t message me or even call me about some tiny stupidity they should know already. My new boss is a pain in the ass, so fucking slow with everything, I basically work as if I were multiple people now, all that’s missing is me wiping their ass because they are so useless with mundane stuff.

Like wow, you have so much experience with working this kind of job, wow I’m so impressed with your resum√©, maybe you should use your fucking experience then and stop asking me about stupid fucking shit every fucking minute. Also what the fuck is wrong with you calling your employees “girls”, when there is a motherfucking male worker in your team? What the fuck?!

I am so fucking sick of this shit. I am underpaid as fuck yet you expect me to deal with everyone’s bullshit because “poor them, they are trying”. Bitch please.

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