Incompetent boss

Please stop trying to establish your authority by micromanaging everything. Here’s the truth, you absolutely suck as an engineer. I have honestly never seen code with such poor quality. The style is shit, the algorithm is primitive, the performance is dreadful. If the engineering team was just you I’m 100% sure this company will would go broke by the end of the year. You got us into this shithole in the first place. If you didn’t develop something that sucked this bad, or if you were even good enough to correctly calculate the performance level, we wouldn’t be in such a position where the investors are expecting a product in less than 2 months, while we’re really overhauling your entire method and starting something super complicated from scratch.

You fucked up. Please just admit that you’re totally out of depth leading a team, especially this team where everybody is more qualified than you, and just stop with all that boss crap. Stop obsessing over drafting timelines and management reports, when you are NOT CONTRIBUTING ANYTHING TOWARDS MEETING THOSE DEADLINES. Stop obsessing over shit like I can’t use the gym during lunch hours, or I can’t talk to myself while debugging code, or I can’t take 2 sick leaves in one month (WHILE YOU TOOK A 2 WEEK VACATION). You are a fucking joke, an excuse for an engineer, and the exact reason why we are in so much shit right now. Please just shut up and go program. Actually please stop programming for life. You’re so bad at it, I feel embarrassed just by looking at your shit.

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