Sooooo coworker thinks that she does so much work. Actually the whole department does. What a joke! Everyone else knows the truth. Can’t say anything because when the boss opens her mouth your fucking voice comes out. The fakeness you provide everyone is priceless. Your life is pathetic, you’re pathetic, and so is your boss. She should stop drinking on the weekends because it shows on Mondays when she is hungover. She also is fake. She talks shit on other department heads constantly. Oh don’t let me forget the favoritism. It’s actually sad that you and her think you have good lives. You get Michael Kors when your dick-sucking boyfriend throws you down the steps. Oh and yeah your boss talked shit on that too. You and her are sneaky, untrustworthy, and useless. Maybe you guys should go work in retail. Where you belong. I fucking hate you both.

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