Imbeciles in charge

Cannot believe I was told to improve my customer service yesterday – seems it’s not good enough that we have to call for assistance the second ANYONE wants serving, even if the person currently being served is ONLY buying a paper FFS!!!! And it’s not enough that the fact that we are forced to accept this puts people behind on their evening work. Like, the other day ONE PERSON was fronting shop on his own while I (and one other person) was forced to do flash cards, and the micro managing, delegating manager wanted “in a hurry” – 3 days later!!! Never mind that the next day I was lumbered with a 6am start (a “brilliant” idea of the money-grasping owner who wants to make sure his lack of popularity doesn’t affect his shop) and could EASILY have continued cards THEN, as I had fuck all else to do, and was bored out of my mind/trying to stay awake. To cap it all, the shop’s yes man (aka supervisor) was telling me to “ring the bell” for the poor guy fronting on his own (hardly MY fault, though he seemed to think so at first). I said I felt bad about it, but what could I do? Manager’s word is law – enough if it’s the word of a brainless wanker!

To add to this, I was told to front two areas of groceries in an hour (usually allowed two hours – is sometimes necessary). Fortunately area had been done earlier, so I could skip bits, and bell didn’t ring. BUT, I didn’t do an area QUITE well enough as a rather sweaty customer complained. Yes man likes everyone to know when a colleague/colleagues has/have moaned about them behind their backs. “A lot of people don’t like you/when they complain about you I defend you.” Like, where’s the sense in THAT? Do people NEED to know every negative thing said about them? Sometimes (as my gran used to say) it’s a case of, “Least said, soonest mended” – otherwise, an angry comment about a person you normally like can be taken out of proportion. As for health & safety….joke or insult? Both? And what’s the deal with, “Give your notice in, you ain’t welcome back – no matter how good & reliable you’ve always been”?

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