I’m over it, I am done.

Where do I even begin? My boss seems like he doesn’t realize the amount of work I’m doing. He doesn’t even know how to do my job, so if I have a question he’ll just spew nonsense and ask me questions and I get out of his office not having a clear answer most of the time. The thing is, I am the only one doing this secretary work. Even though I am supposed to write court papers, I got thrown in here doing this famous Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V bullshit job instead and not getting paid enough, and my god it’s immensely boring as fuck, and this boss of mine always, and I do mean always, gives me this “rushed” paperwork to do and leaves me to neglect the other papers. It gets so stressful because for the “rushed” papers I gotta go upstairs and it’s a huge building so I gotta go back and forth from the ground floor to the 2nd one which it feels like I’m neglecting the other papers because of this ass-kissing rushed work. He also kinda complains about the papers I have not done yet. How the fuck are you expecting me to finish them if I’m mostly going to the 2nd floor and you’re not letting me finish the old papers?

It’s fucking bullshit. The coworkers are weird and boring fucking cock suckers. Only 2 guys are cool but the rest are just vaginas. They talk with some secretive hints only they can understand it, one of them makes fun of my clothing which is pretty much just Nike shoes, Nike training pants, t-shirt and a vest. How the fuck is that funny at all? They talk about politics and all they say is pure ass topped with a mini-shit.

This job changed me for fucks sake. It’s not worth it, and as I am typing this he just came in here flooded my desk with more shit to do. I never had a break ever. I used to play judo for 2 hours everyday with unlimited stamina for 12 fucking years and never went back home exhausted and wanting to sleep, but ever since I landed this job my god I just wanna get home and play some video games and thank god I hit the gym or I would have become obese.

It’s just not really worth it to get fucked all week with such long hours only to get paid for like, what? 1,500 bucks a month? This is a fucking joke and I only get paid at the end of the month which fucks me over sideways. My car is trashed and the way to work fucks it even harder, so really I’m just fucking done. Can’t wait for my side-business materials to arrive so I can start making extra money and finally quit this mother fucking piece of worthless bitch ass shit of a job and I hope it goes down to the fucking ground and sinks harder than the fucking Titanic with the sky raining more pieces of shit to make it sink fucking deeper. Smother in crap you fucking fake dumb fucks.

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  1. Yer that pisses my off to, your expected to drop everything for rush job (which is fine) but then pull you up for not doing the other job and that just fucking stucks and is a sign of bad management. 1500 dollars a month geeze your worth more than that!

  2. I so understand you…I have a fucked up boss like you. Hope your materials came through so you don’t have to waste another second with that piece of shit!

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