I’m not omniscient

So, this air-conditioner service came to office. I told him the admin is not here yet, if he wanted to wait for her he can. He asked when was she coming, I told him I didn’t know.

The he insisted on repeating his questions as if by repeating it enough I can produce the admin lady out of thin air. Then proceeded to scold me about how terrible I am for working with her for so long and still not know her schedule.

I, obviously, proceeded to yell back at him telling him that she can come as and when she wanted to. I think I cowered him by yelling back that he sort of become slightly more subdued and started to work…

Is that how he got things done? By yelling at people, at their clients?!

Afternoon, my boss asked me out of the blue about a demo PC that we have. He asked what were we testing on it?

So I searched my brain and told him the project name. That was the latest project that seemed to require that PC.

He told me ‘No’ while scoffing and scolding me cause the project did not use that type of PC.

So what if we didn’t use that PC in actual deployment? It’s just testing, probably some parts were buggy and need other PC specs for confirmation or something.

I got fed-up and just connected the PC to the monitor. And voila, sure enough, it was that project. That shut him up.

Yay for petty wins.

I also like how random people will email us with ‘This is my issue, solve it’ content (sometimes more politely worded, most of the time this is literally it); except there’s no description of who sent the thing, what project and what the issue was.

Like magically we can divine they’re from one of the three projects by a client, which we had finished the contract with them two years ago; and somehow we can also magically see the problem when we’re hours of drive away from each other, and no picture/log of the issue sent to us. Oh, and also, the client has changed name and representative, and we’re supposed to know that too.

Absolutely wonderful.

Why can’t they start with something basic and easy like, ‘Hi guys, I’m Philip from Client A and I have some issue’?

Which also sounds like AA… or maybe IT Anonymous.

I totally don’t blame them. Cause hell, I think we need IT Anonymous.

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  1. Hopefully, someday, we can progress to a society that doesn’t have to labor. It’s all leisure all the time. I dream of that some days…

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