Illiterate bastards

Fuck you illiterate bastards!

See this fucking schedule you insisted on being delayed currently? Yeah that’s for Project B and we fucking deliver them on time.

The project we’re on, yeah THIS is project A. See that earlier schedule, Project A was marked ‘Not scheduled yet’ and then I submitted another PTW with schedule for project A (this current project) that is deadlined at the end of this month.

So no, you fucking illiterates, we are NOT delayed. Fuck, we’re AHEAD of time.

What was that? I never submitted schedules and never replied on why we’re DELAYED (WHICH WE ARE NOT!)?

Yeah, see these EMAILS? I’ve quoted the EXACT SAME FUCKING EMAILS 5 times BY NOW. Since the start of the MONTH. Telling you that YOU ARE READING THE WRONG SCHEDULE.

I even put the dates in point format for you follow the timeline of our conversation. But NOPE. I ‘NEVER replied’.

What the hell am I even screenshotting, quoting, making points format for?!
I was so fed up with them that I swear I’m going to get a heart attack.

Illiterate fuckers should just go and die.

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