If you don’t like our healthcare system find an alternative

Moan moan moan “I waited 1 hour” yes you did and now you expect us to fix your fucking dodgy ankle in 5 minutes with a magic fucking pill. Did I mention that you have been experiencing pain in your ankle for 6 weeks and it has only become an emergency because you are going on holiday tomorrow? Does this make me care more? No, it does not. “I want Tramadol” “I want a MRI scan” “My friend/family member/flat mate is a doctor and says I need this and that.” Well, guess what? Your passive aggressive intimidation does not work on me. I do not give a shit if you know a doctor. “In my country we get better treatment blah blah blah” well you know what to do, don’t you? The airport is half an hour away on the train….GOOD FUCKING BYE!

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