Oh my goodness the fact that you can stoop so low and compare my line of work to yours reaches new levels of utter astonishment. Firstly, I am blessed that 1) I don’t have your face 2) I don’t have a complex about my heritage and 3) whilst I wasted my time looking for this site then writing about you, the ultimate dickhead, for this week I’ve realised you’re in a total shitty situation and you do have my pity.

I am the one that has the upper hand without being the one that felt it was necessary to talk down at someone. I had a thankless meaningless job but I’m still in a better place than you in so many ways. So I hope you will be happy with your fake name, fake eyebrows and fake lifestyle. You’ve been dealt the shitty cards you gotta deal with it. You also made bad moves that’s why you are where you are and I am where I am. Better off!

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