I was right around the corner

Hey bitches! Guess what! While you petty little girls were busy gossiping you didn’t see me walk back to my cubicle. And guess what? I HEARD EVERYTHING YOU SAID ABOUT ME! I’m an ass kisser? Really?! Is it because I know how to do my job properly and therefore get rewarded? Is it because unlike you lot, I don’t fail or let projects slip through the cracks? Just an FYI, I was the only one to get a performance bonus this year and I know for a fact you guys got NOTHING! And what else is wrong you say? Oh, I showed up to work too early the other day? I’m sorry I interrupted your dick off time! I forgot you start an hour before everybody else so you can eat breakfast, gossip, goof off or whatever else it is you do to kill time

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. The sad part is I’ve been trying to help you guys since the day I started. You obviously don’t need my help anymore. The sadder part? All you bitches are way older than me but you act like children!!

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