I want to quit my job and be paid 180k to do so

I really really want to quit my job as a therapist. I work in an agency and see 8-10 clients every day, hour after hour. I really want to encourage people to not spend 180 thousand on a career such as this because you have a particular “passion.” It is a ridiculous amount of money for the amount of work I do. I have to write detailed notes; pages of assessments; treatment plans; be involved with doctors, social workers, etc; and document everything that I do. I’m sure that many people can handle this type of workload as my colleagues appear calm, cool and collected. I really think that I made a mistake. I wanted to be a counselor, because I care about people, am sensitive, am thoughtful about life and have other passions such as religion and philosophy which I thought might bring a creative and useful experience to other’s lives. However, I literally cannot keep up with the paper workload and I only receive criticism from supervisors. No one can see that I am good at my job. All they see is my stressed demeanor and my inability to turn in paperwork on time.

I am ashamed that I cannot perform the way that I would like. However, despite my husband wanting me to work harder in the evenings to finish the work, I DO NOT WANT TO WORK ANY HARDER. I need a break. I need some compassion. I do not want to live my life this way. I eat fast food almost every day, because I do not have time to cook and clean at home. I spend my entire weekends doing paperwork. I always hated school. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia and I thought that I could push through school. I saw it as an accomplishment to push through, but now I see it as completely foolish that I spent all that time and money on an activity that I despise. It is my worst nightmare writing my life away on notes.

I am so ashamed and cannot think of another job that I could do. It’s hard to imagine working behind a counter after I’ve had this much responsibility put on me by helping people and being a life coach basically. I’m not sure how I’d find something else that makes as much money. OH and I’m pregnant too, BTW. No one obviously cares that I am nauseous every day, tired and hormonal. Days off are really not an option, especially considering my poor performance. Anyone have any ideas? Or can I have a prayer please?

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  1. Look, you are obviously under too much stress. Your colleagues inability to see this and help you to adjust is unacceptable. You must go to your supervisor and let them know you are too overwhelmed with the case load and need to cut back until you are able to keep up. You cant go from zero to 60 on your first job out of school. They are setting you up for failure. I know what you mean about having to work at home or stay late at the office to get it done. I have been working 50 – 60 hours per week because we are short a person in the office and the light at the end of the tunnel is later in May but I have to get there and then train a new person. But I have been at this a year working crazy hours and doing more to keep things up because I love what I do and I care about my company. It’s a difficult thing to do if you hate what you are doing. If you really hate it, get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is too short to be miserable and it will kill your marriage and your little family and hurt your relationship with your baby because a baby feels what you are feeling so it will be stressed out too.
    Open your mouth, say something or not. It’s up to you. I hear you on the financial end, I hear you on what you are saying about your husband wanting you to try harder, but you have to see their side too. YOU did spend all this money to do this, so keep at it, take a breath, ask for help….that’s the business you are in. If it can’t work out there, hang on until maternity leave and start looking for another position. It will get better, hang on, keep breathing and keep moving forward, don’t freeze up and throw anything away. Step back, reassess and move forward. Good luck and God bless!

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