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Edna, since you have been promoted to team lead, you have changed. We were friends before you changed. I congratulated you on your new promotion. Your ego has gotten way outta hand. Power has went to your head. I have talked to you about how you address me in front of other people. You don’t train people the right way, you didn’t train me 4 months ago the right way. That hurts the company. You were ranting the other day about Caroline (the new supervisor) re-training “your people”. Please, step back, think about it… don’t take it as a personnel affront…learn from it. You also verbally reprimanded me about talking about the Bible and God at work. Twice.

The first time, a co-worker came in the middle of a conversation and told us to stop. Well, according to the Christian Law Association, she had no right, beings she came in the middle of the conversation, the second time, a young girl whom i was ministering to was taking part in the conversation, told you later, that it made her “uncomfortable”. She never told me or showed no signs that she was uncomfortable with the conversation. But yet, you behooved yourself to verbally reprimand me once again. But, there are people that are smoking drugs and drinking beer in the parking lot during working hours, and you are aware of that. There are people who signed their selves out, walked off the job, and came back the next day, and still had their job. Wow, you have spoken to me harshly, knowing about the other wrongdoings of these people, but your eye is on me

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. Direct your eye to the real trouble. I don’t know who promoted you, but it is not best for the company.

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