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Last year I wrote a workrant related to my boss moving to another institution and being undecided if I should move with him. It was a much better institution than the one I was in and would definitely open doors for me in the future. But he was kind of a shit boss to me, especially when it came to one particular co-worker. She would make unreasonable demands (ie. do her work for her) and then when I’d complain to my boss, he’d always take her side. I thought they were both unreasonable and that they might be related (best case scenario) or dating (worst case) since their mother tongue was the same non-english language. It definitely seemed more like the second based on their actions, but because of the 20 year age gap, and no hard proof, I kept trying to tell myself it wasn’t.

I decided not to follow him to the new institution since no fancy place would make him less of a shit boss. I don’t regret my decision, my new boss is soo much better and my stress levels have gone down. Things still kinda suck because I’ve had to learn a whole new set of skills and things have been slower, but I still don’t regret it.

Fast forward a year, and I find out this unreasonable coworker is expecting my old boss’ child and has also moved to the new institution. I am livid. I can’t stand either of them. Making 2 years of my life hell, making me doubt my sanity, while being unethical as fuck by screwing each other. Of course he would take her side and of course she believed she had the power to demand whatever she wanted. I’m so angry at myself for not reporting them to HR when I had the chance. Now she has a job at the new fancy institution too. Nepotism at its finest >: ( And I can’t do anything about it since I (thankfully) no longer work for them. I just wish both of them get fired.

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