90% of my coworkers are idiots. GM does nothing but micromanage (when he comes in), moan and think of ways to make money out of his already-poorly-paid employees. My immediate “supervisor” is a lazy POS who downloads Hentai at work and then proceeds to sit in the bathroom for 3 hours, most probably jacking off. He told the GM he is “too busy” on site to do his own paperwork so the GM shifts it to me after telling me all the work I am already doing is side-jobs and therefore my job performance is non-existent. So I take over this shit’s work while he sits at his desk making weird throat noises and slurping his coffee

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. He also doesn’t believe in baths/showers and thinks his bald ass is the smartest and most attractive thing on the planet.

Then we have the ladies who love sharing personal info at work. They sit together and talk about seriously disturbing and intimate occurrences in their lives. We have an open plan, meaning anyone, incl walk-in clients can hear their jabbering. The one lady, X, stays at home for any old thing and then bitches if they deduct money from her. She also thinks we’re best friends and that I want to talk to her. When my husband worked here she’d follow him around on site wherever he went.

The second cow, P, is a brown-nosing, spineless, gossiping fool who thinks she is the boss here since she relays stories to the GM, not only about work, but also people’s personal lives. She also thinks she is entitled to be a part of all her coworkers’ personal lives. I got married recently and no-one in the office was invited. P got pissed about it. I never told anyone the day I actually got married and blocked her on FB so that she can leave me the fuck alone. What does she do? She goes on my husband’s page to find out why I took the day (to go get married) and proceeds to be pissed about the fact that I didn’t include her in any of it.

Then we have the gossip. This one walks around the office fishing for stories. The Asian community is very connected here (this is an Asian owned company), so this lady gets her stories and jumps on her phone to start the rumor mill. Insecure about the blubber around her waist, she isn’t scared of telling other people “they look thinner today” or “your beard makes you look old” (to a Muslim) or “at least you look like a lady today, last time you looked like a man” (to a client).

Last week she pissed me off to the extent of almost ripping her throat out. Our cleaning lady cleans on site as well and has to walk to site; it’s not that far, but still. This bitch tells X to summon the poor cleaning lady to the office. The reason being that she’s too fucking lazy to make a sandwich for herself and thus commissioned the cleaning lady to do it, while she sits playing gummy drop on her phone. Her assistant does most of the work while she sits around and at the end of the year she claims this huge ass bonus while her assistant get nothing.

The racism is unreal in this office. The whites towards the blacks and the Asians towards everyone else, unless like in P’s case you feed info to the GM. I am so sick of this fucking shit show. I hate my actual work too, since everything everyone else doesn’t feel like doing comes to me and if I say I might not be able to get to it, since I’m already overloaded; they ignore me and just dump it on me anyway. The people here are some of the most annoying fucking assholes I have ever had to deal with and I was a server for close to seven years.

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