I hate my life

I have been working for the same company for about 20 years, it requires specialist skills so it takes years to get good at your job. About 3 years ago my team leader said he was going to retire and I would get his role. Well 5 months have gone by and still no sign of any role change at all. I’m still doing the same shit I did 10 years ago. I’m bored as fuck.

I had an offer a year ago with a different company for marginally more money, but I thought naively I might as well stick around seeing as he will retire in a year. Some other people in the team have had their jobs changed. One guy, who is a lazy fucker and will not ever volunteer for anything, is now sat at home most of the time looking after his kids and I’m doing high-end installs and customer training. All the responsibility of my old team leader (and mine) with no pay rise and no title. I feel like a fucking mug and I’ve been taken for a ride.

I hate my life, really. Every time I go near my wife she makes excuses not to try and kiss her. Shit we haven’t had a sex for a year. There is always some excuse ‘like not now’ and ‘what are you doing your is daughter asleep in the other room?’ She’s always angry and shouts all the time. Shouts at my daughter for the slightest thing. She spends money on total crap meaning I’m skint all the time so I can’t enjoy any of the money I work for. I work 55 hours a bloody week

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. Not that I get paid extra although I should work 37.5. It’s just dumped on me. When I got my degree in physics I thought I might have a career, but no. I’m stuck in a dead-end job.

I wake up, listen to my wife in a mood, drive to a customer’s, get stressed out all day and pretend to be happy, drive home, get stuck in hours of traffic, get home and listen to my pisssed-off wife shouting at either my daughter or me because I’m late.

My daughter is the only thing I have left. I know now why so many men kill themselves in their 40s.

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  1. You owe it to yourself and your family to leave. No job is worth this shit. Work on getting your family life back on track. I’m surprised you haven’t switched jobs already (no offence)

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