I hate my boss

Nothing I do is good enough for my boss. She always has a phony smile and a phony attitude, and then behind closed doors tells me how she has no confidence in my work. I try so hard. I write down and follow directions when doing work and I submit my work as quickly as I can. She overloads me with work and doesn’t give me deadlines, so I never know when to turn things in. She will say something incredibly encouraging one day, but then rip me a new one the next day. It’s so confusing! I’ve never had a problem like this at work. It makes me want to change jobs, but I’ve only been at this one for 8 months. I don’t know what to do. I just want to work hard and be successful. I never want to turn in poor work, but I’m at the end of my rope

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. Tomorrow I have to go in to see her for a “coaching session,” which really just sounds like I’m going to hear that I’m terrible at everything I do. I hate her so bad, but everyone around me says that she’s such a great boss. I just want out. I’m becoming more and more frustrated and angry by the day. I just avoid her now…which is difficult to do. One more thing that she does that drives me nuts: she’ll email me at 4 pm when I’m working very hard on something to finish by 5, and she’ll want me to do something (with maybe one sentence of instruction) and I’ll have to stay late to do both tasks. Just because she made a poor life decision by not being there for her family doesn’t mean that I should have to.

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