I feel like a Kindergarten Teacher

My job is listening to what the local doctors have to say about a case and then typing it up, editing it if I need to

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. I expect this kind of bad diction from small children, not supposedly intelligent adults! They mumble and slur their words together, they speak way too quietly, their favorite word seems to be ‘um’, there are way too many long awkward pauses, they don’t seem to know what ‘however’ ‘otherwise’ or ‘of note’ mean (they just throw them into a sentence at random), they are crazily redundant, give me drugs without units of dosage (like hydrocholorothiazide 25; is it mg, mcg, or g?), they mix up the words in their sentences, the pediatricians keep calling the patient’s parents ‘mom’ and ‘dad’, and then you’ve got the guys with accents so thick that you have no idea what they’re saying, and they don’t even try to make things easier! I mentioned this to my boss, and she says that the majority of them just don’t care because they aren’t getting paid for it. To make things worse, sometimes I have to look through old reports to try and find some clue about what these people are saying, and it seems like all of the other transcriptionists just type what they say as is without making any effort to fix them! I feel like the only reasonably intelligent person in a sea of stupid!

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