I feel like a drone bee

I have a job. That’s it. People just dump work on me. I get it done. My team leader is retiring next year and I will be doing his job, with no raise. It’s just like give it to Jones he will do it. I have been offered other jobs but they are just shit and for less money. I’m stuck.

I hate my life. My wife shouts all the time and doesn’t ever want sex because “she’s too tired” . I’m the one working 50 hours a week, while she goes to the gym during the day.

I should be happy. I would kill myself if it wasn’t for my daughter. She’s the only thing that cares about me.

Get up, hear shouting, go to work, get stuck in traffic, deal with shit, drive home, hear shouting again. Go to bed. At least it stops when I sleep. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. That’s my life. I’m 45 and I don’t think I will make 46.

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  1. I know! It seems that way, but it’s not. Things will get better.
    I know that’s a shirt thing to say to someone on the edge of despair, but it’s true! Been there, done that, got a T-shirt!
    Open your mouth!
    Tell everyone around you what you want like they tell you.
    Let your beautiful child’s love lead you to a different life.
    Show her how to live by picking yourself up and focusing your energy on her and be present in her life. Find things to look forward to doing with her.
    It will make your days shorter and your life easier to walk thru.
    You got this!
    Be well.

  2. Stay strong my man, things will get better, but as Nat said you do need to start speaking up at home and let your wife know what you are feeling. Coming from another bloke I know this is hard to do, but you have nothing to lose by doing it

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