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I hate my boss and her minion AKA the staff coordinator. They are evil! If we’re 5 minutes late, my boss makes us write a letter of apology and takes the money off our paychecks, to the point where human resources apologize to us for having to follow the orders of a lunatic. Most employees who start working for her try to get the hell out of there ASAP so there’s people leaving like every week. Every time someone leaves, the coordinator says it’s always their fault because they were bad employees and that it’s so much worse outside of our department that we should feel lucky to have such a nice boss.

My boss is so nuts though she sends us a memo every few weeks forbidding us to discuss anything but work if it’s not lunch time. In the past few months, five employees left because of her psychological harassment. She evaluated one of them and gave her 0 in her evaluation but wrote down and I quote ”At least she’s clean”. She even calls employees at home on their sick day multiple times to check that they are home. Besides that, she is always lying and backstabbing us, treating us like slaves, not even saying ”hello” when she sees us

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Her superior is even worse: she says she wants and I quote ”no contact with the staff” and she calls us ”the people down the ladder”. I’ve been asking for a transfer to get away from them and today my boss told me that the transfer wouldn’t happen because and I quote ”she didn’t feel like it”. I was pissed off, so the coordinator told me that even if I hate my job I should shut up about it and smile. She also said that I’m probably and I quote ”rotting my husband’s life” if I complain about work at home. She also said that it was not up to me to decide if I should transfer because and I quote ”she had trained me so she should be able to use and abuse me as much as it pleases her”. If I did indeed tell my husband what she said he would go and punch her in the face. Those people are just sick in the head!

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