I cant deal with this

I just started working at a famous fast food restaurant as my first job and I’m sick and tired of it already. Half of the managers don’t like their job and have a fucking attitude when they show up to work and want to be rude and all, and the other half don’t know how to speak clear English and constantly talk about you in Spanish with the other coworkers which is so rude! I’m a cashier and literally when I’m done with the order this fucking bitchy manager goes like “mak da coffee, mak da coffee, mak da coffee,” Like every fucking 10 seconds and its fucking annoying like WHY CANT YOU MAKE IT YOURSELF YOU’RE CLEARLY DOING NOTHING and then while I’m making the coffee a customer shows up and she’s like “Mama there’s a customer take da order” LIKE WTF DO U WANT ME TO DO TAKE ORDERS OR MAKE THE DAMN COFFEE its fucking annoying like there’s other staff that can do that too stop telling me to “mak da coffee” every fucking 5 seconds.

Not only that but the management SUCKS ASSSSSS, one manager says one thing while the other says another thing. For an example, I was training this girl who just started (funny how I’m training a new employee while I’m new myself cause the damn managers don’t wanna do shit) and one of the managers tells me to make the drinks. So I take the new girl to go make a caramel frappe and then this bitch, she’s an employee, starts yelling at me to not make drinks and I’m like the manager just told me to make the drink like who df are you to be yelling at me? Not only that but she’s so rude and furious about it, like bitch weren’t hugging me and asking me how I was like a day ago like wtf. I don’t get it. I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

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