HR is a joke

This woman I work with, a grown-ass women, mid-40s with children close to the same age to me, is the biggest joke. She is our HR representative and it’s absolutely hilarious to me. She is the biggest gossip, constantly ranting about every employee we have. From how overpaid she thinks they are to their personal issues. Anything you say to her will surely spread through the office like wildfire and gain a ton of superfluous and untrue details along the way. She is the most dramatic, unprofessional lazy human being I’ve ever met. Not to mention the fact she is completely sexual and unprofessional with all of the upper management. The worst part is no one has put all of these details together because they don’t hear all of the nonsense blaring out of her office every second of the day. She has absolutely no experience in HR relations and no business representing this office. I’ve never been so disgusted by someone in my work environment, and here is the best part… There’s no one to complain to because you certainly can’t go to HR.

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