How to piss off your employees

Two days ago. Two whole days ago, we all sat up in that office discussing different issues and how to improve things for us slaves. We were firmly told that if equipment wasn’t working properly then we are to shut the fucking thing down until it was properly repaired. This is now day two of using fucked-up equipment that you aren’t allowing us to shut down. And how exactly is it my fucking problem that maintenance is short right now? You have let so many people go that I am now forced to do a job I’m not supposed to be doing because we are so short staffed now.

Thanks assholes. This used to be a really good company to work for and people took pride in it. It is now just a shit show. The Gong Show on steroids. I’d love to see you fuckwits come out and do the job we are all doing. Your ignorance is my pain.

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