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I don’t dislike the work that I do it is the people that work there. I have never seen so many college educated, lazy, uncaring POS’s in my life and they call themselves healthcare workers. First I am only one person working for 2 departments, 2 bosses, 1 supervisor and a CFO who are all my boss and each one wants something. They are delusional to think that I can keep up this pace and continue to work like this

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. No lunch, no breaks and I have even had to take work home or work off the clock to get work finished.

I have already been told I am a woman and I will not work out…and the supervisor is stuck in 1920 with his racist remarks and sexism, but our boss does not care – he does it right in front of him. They all laugh! Even the one our supervisor can’t stand laughs. Dumbass he is talking about you!

They continue to cut hours as corporate brings in billions….make the little people work harder and everyone bitches but nothing gets done. There are 10 people sitting around laughing, eating and going ‘can you go and get this for us’….when I made one comment like ‘ugh, I was just there’ the comment comes out ‘well I can go’ but you can tell she was not happy, so then she tells me ‘don’t be a martyr’…really? So the plan is to use my FMLA and my massive amount of sick time that I have and find a new job!

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