Horrible Customers and Lazy Ass Colleagues

What a Day….not that I’m surprised, the same as every other day in this hell hole.

The customer is always right…NO….NO….NOOOOO!! You are not right!! I’ve worked here years and you are most definitely WRONG!!! And why are you shouting? You know that when your nasty I’ll do the bare minimum to help you, right? I couldn’t give a rats ass if you cancel your subscription, I’m still gonna get paid each month. Idiots!!

Oh and the wonderful colleagues…especially the one who pretends to work even though its obvious to everyone they’re not, you shuffle papers on your desk all day but the work tray isn’t going down…hmmmm how’s that then? At least the 2 morons try, even if it does take longer to fix their mistakes than it would to do the work myself.

Roll on the long weekend!!!

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