Home truths I want to tell my boss but can’t

There’s a number of things about my job that piss me off but I can’t say because I would rather not end up broke and homeless.

I work in sales support and if ever something goes badly with a customer, whether we’ve made a mistake or not, I am liable to get a lecture about how we need to keep customers happy or we may lose sales. To be honest, I couldn’t really give a fuck if we lose the odd sale, I still get the same fucking pittance at the end of each month whether they sell 5 units or 500, doesn’t make any difference to me. I’m certainly not going to bend over backwards for an arsehole customer just so my boss can make a little more commission, why sweat my guts out for no extra money?

The customers get little surveys saying ‘we’d love to hear your opinion’ – no I fucking wouldn’t, keep it to yourself!

I feel I have the disadvantages of the salesman’s job like dealing with the wanky customers, but without having any of the good bits like commission or a company car. I once got told, ‘Oh you need to learn to think like a salesman’ – if I could do that, I would be in an actual sales job and pulling in twice the money I am now ffs! Do they think I just do this job for fun? No it’s because I need money and this is all I could get!

I also recently asked for holidays abroad to go and visit family, my boss refused as it will be a busy time of year. I could’ve accepted if he had just said ‘no’ but instead he gave me this long lecture about considering colleagues and appearing like I don’t care about them etc. To be honest I don’t particularly, I just have to get on with them from 9 to 5, otherwise I don’t really worry. I just do this job to help provide an existence for me and my other half, that’s it! Otherwise i wouldn’t fucking bother. If I suddenly won the lottery I would never be heard from or darken the office’s door again.

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