High Stress and Low Experienced Workers

I am getting older and more stressed as the staff I work with are getting younger and more inexperienced. The bosses keep hiring out of college and inexperienced staff and it is frustrating me to no end how many are ill equipped to deal with things

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. I have been told my tone is hurting their feelings and making them nervous. We got too many snowflakes in the office and I’ve constantly got to worry about people running to HR because I probably hurt their feelings. The audacity. They expect good work and look at who they hire. Yet put all the fault and blame on us to help them when they are a disaster to work with.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel the same way. For crying out loud, just do your job. Just hire people who can do the job. Just dig the money out of your pocket and pay them what they are worth. Stop being cheep! “It’s your company reputation on the line and you stress me out by expecting me to handle everything!” <—What I have said so many times that I no longer say it! OMG! Not only ill equipped, completely unable to take responsibility because parents have pampered them so much they expect to get a check and not work….I could go on!,

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