Hen pecking

Work with some of the pettiest ladies I’ve ever known. They gossip gossip gossip gossip all the time and it makes my ears melt. They complain and gossip and puff out their feathers and try to act like the boss and tell off anyone they come across, but then act victimized and meek and mild when the higher ups come around. They pretend to be friendly, but if you step out of the room, you’ll become their next favored topic of conversation. They even pretend to be friendly to each other, and as soon as they are in different rooms, they tear each other apart. Two-faced manipulative control freaks who seem to wet themselves with pleasure over trying to exert power over others through petty commandeering and hen pecking

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. Their crude brains can only comprehend putting others down as a means of elevating themselves. If someone does something without their explicit permission or instruction, then they wildly flit about and squawk about it to their neighbors, dropping any work they were doing. Squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk peck peck peck the hens never stop and soon they’ll peck each other to death.

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