Hate hotel work!

Been dying to rant about my job and hotel work in general. I work for a hotel chain in the UK and there’s certain things I despise about the job. First off I shouldn’t even be doing this – I have a degree for fuck’s sake, I just took this job because I was desperate for money. Why the fuck should I be mopping a floor at 3am?

I take my job seriously as that’s the attitude I have towards work, I believe in doing a good job. But they want you to really give a shit about the customer, go the extra mile, all that crap. You have to be all smiley even though you’re working in a shit industry. Anyone who says they really like working in a hotel is either a liar or a moron or both

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My partner works days and I work 5 nights a week, I only get to share the bed with her twice a week, the rest of the time I go home during the day and it’s only the fucking pillows & teddy bears, it’s shit. It’s soul destroying checking couples into the hotel at night, especially drunk ones who you know are probably going upstairs for ‘a bit of how’s your father’ and you’re there looking at a fucking computer screen. They’re getting to spend the night together but you and your Mrs aren’t. Not only that, you don’t even get to see her when you go home like normal couples do. And they still expect you to be all smiles knowing this!

On top of that, you have to work weekends so you’ve no fucking social life, they expect you to treat it like a normal working day when it isn’t and shouldn’t be. They expect you to do clean the ‘public’ toilets in the lobby when needed. Why the fuck should I be scrubbing a toilet when I have a degree? If I wanted to clean toilets, I would’ve signed up to be a fucking housekeeper!

I’m also in charge of the hotel at night as a lone worker. I have to evacuate the hotel if there’s a fire or bomb threat. Pretty responsible job. So why the fuck is it just above minimum wage? And why is there no security to deal with drunk fuckers on Friday/Saturday nights? I just have the feeling one of these guys is going to kick my head in one of these times and all I have for protection is a fucking handheld radio to call a call centre who then call the police – by the time the police get there I’ll be either knocked out or dead! Fuck all good!

Will be out of this as soon as an office job comes up, can’t wait to leave this industry for good and never come back, never applying for a hotel job again!

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